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  • 04:58
  • Sat 01.10.2022
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Meteorological Data

All relevant meteorological data for Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden Airport (FKB / EDSB) are shown on this page.

Information about weather conditions:

ATIS 121.280 MHz
ATIS by +49 7229 53 22 23 32

Information centre of the German Weather Service (DWD, responsible for the airport):

Aviation Service Centre
+49 900 10 77 224

Explanation of the chart from left to right

  1. Code letter of the currently published weather information
  2. QNH in hPa (atmospheric pressure in reference to the sea level) Notice: not identical with the environmental air-pressure
  3. Passing flight level (the pilot changes the altimeter to QNH from this altitude)
  4. Temperature (T) and dew point (DP)
  5. Cloud base (CB), thus clouds more than 4/8 in 100 feet and visibility (VIS) in meters
  6. Flyable weather conditions
  7. Date, sunrise/sunset (times in UTC)
  8. Current time (in UTC, i. e. summer time +2 hours, winter time +1 hour)
  9. Graphical demonstration of the current runway in use in the great image
  10. Adequate wind (wind direction in degrees, from which the wind comes, wind speed in knots, additional information about the maximum and minimum wind speed, T = tailwind, X = crosswind)
  11. Bottom line: currently published waether in METAR format

Our partners at the airport Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden (FKB)