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  • Sat 18.09.2021
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Area and company survey Baden-Airpark

The total area of the trade park is approx. 142 hectares. About 95 hectares have already been developed, which leaves around 47 hectares which are still available for development at this stage (including road and site development areas). It is our ultimate goal to meet the demands of growing companies as well as the demands of the international business sector. A versatile trade and service park with an own airport offers excellent framework conditions for your corporate and future plans. See what we have to offer – secure your future now.

Investors who want to settle at Baden-Airpark have the choice between different sectors, each of which has been assigned to a particular business segment.

The area of the Baden-Airpark of interest to investors consists of sectors A, B, C, D and E:

Sektor ESektor DSektor CSektor BSektor ASektor ASektor A

Sector D: Business, craft and technology factory

In order to also facilitate job creation outside the high-tech, logistics and IT sectors, small and medium-sized local and regional craft and trade companies are being integrated into the overall development concept, who also contribute to the local supply of Baden-Airpark by providing their technical expertise. Sector D accommodates businesses specialising in the processing and recycling of high-quality products as well as production companies.

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1&1 Internet SE

Service Provider EDP / IT
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Air Hamburg Technik GmbH

Airline, Aerotechnical Services
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Auto & Lack GmbH

Handcraft motorcar
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Avangard Aviation GmbH

Aerotechnical Services
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Bischoff + Scheck AG

Handcraft others, Handcraft motorcar
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Bischoff + Scheck Automation AG

Service Provider Electronics, Handcraft Electronics
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dog inn baden GmbH

Service Provider - others
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F+F Burda GmbH & Co. KG

Aerotechnical Services
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Kunstpark Airpark

Advertisement, Design
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Lötec GmbH

Handcraft motorcar
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Stahl Aircraft & Materials GmbH

Aerotechnical Services, Handcraft others
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Our partners at the airport Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden (FKB)