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  • Mon 11.11.2019
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Security Checks

Before entering the security area with your boarding card, you will need to go through the security control. Here, all passengers, their hand luggage and all other carried objects are x-rayed by authorised staff.

Persons, who cannot be x-rayed for medical reasons (e. g. persons with a cardiac pacemaker) or due to sensitive medications should inform the security personnel before entering the security checkpoint.

You will speed up the security procedure if you put your jacket and all metal objects into the provided container.

Left-luggage office

The left-luggage office is operated by the company APCOA PARKING Deutschland GmbH. The following objects can be stored (examples): Excess baggage, animal transport boxes, motorcycle clothing or car keys. The costs are calculated per day and are dependent on the weight of the registered luggage.

The left-luggage office is situated in the building B 408 – approx. 200 meters away from the passenger terminal.

Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.
+49 711 94 791 535

Bulky Luggage

Bulky luggage e. g. surfboards, prams, bikes etc. need to be declared with your travel agent at the time of booking. At the check-in counter, your bulky luggage is labelled with a so-called “bag tag” and then needs to be dropped off at the bulky luggage check-in counter.

Hand Luggage

Generally only one small piece of personal hand luggage with a standard size of 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm may be taken on board. The maximum weight of the hand luggage varies depending on the airline. Baby food and personal medication as well as insulin accessories are generally allowed in your hand luggage. We advise you to bring along your diabetes passport.

The following products are allowed in your hand luggage in containers of up to 100 ml:

  1. Gels, including shampoos, shower gels, lotions, oil and skin care creams
  2. Shaving cream, foams, deodorants and other aerosol products
  3. Pastes, including toothpaste, perfumes, sprays, cosmetics
  4. Mixtures of liquids and solids as well as similar products (e. g. yoghurt, jam or peanut butter)

These products, if included in the hand luggage, have to be stored inside a transparent, resealable bag with a maximum capacity of one litre. Each passenger may only carry one such bag on board the airplane. The transparent bags can be bought in the Box shop (public area). The opening hours of the Box shop are dependent on the flight schedule.

Please contact your airline in advance to receive information on the specific terms and conditions for hand luggage.

You can find further information at www.zoll.de.

Free Luggage

The maximum weight of free luggage included in the ticket price varies depending on the airline. Any excess baggage is charged additionally per kg. You can find the prices in the terms and conditions of your booked airline.

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